Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Bartered a Logo Design for a Fishing Trip

or Creative is More Than The Final Product

Recently I received a call from a young man just starting his business. A casualty of the mortgage industry, he saw an opportunity utilizing a skill he’d developed growing up in Western Pennsylvania—finding great fishing holes. Maricopa County is filled with urban lakes stocked with fish that grow year ‘round due to the relatively warm water temperatures so they get BIG. This young man set up boatless fishing tours and has been marketing them to locals and visitors staying at our many resorts. Think fishing license, bait, rod and reel and line, delicious food, beverages, a photo slideshow of the experience, plus transportation to and from his favorite fishin’ holes …. everything’s taken care of. Cool eh?

But his marketing just didn’t say “professional.” To start with, he didn’t even have a logo. His budget was low, but he still knew the importance of his image.

Little did he know when he called Mullins Creative that I, the over-50-year-old female owner, love to fish. I grew up as a tomboy fishing many Arizona lakes with my dad so I value the fishing experience. This young man and I struck a deal. I explained that I couldn’t meet his budget requirements, but, we could still do the work for him. He’d just have to take me fishing to make up the difference.

His logo is done, it’s fun and it makes his business take on new professionalism. I’ve not been on my trip yet, but I am certainly looking forward to it. (I’ll post pictures afterward.)

The point to all this is that being creative is not always just about the design of the project–the fonts, the photographs. Creative is about creatively making everything you do a win-win for everyone involved. Mullins Creative is all about that type of creative, too.

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