Thursday, August 13, 2009

Four-letter words get all the attention

Four letter words get all the attention ... but I learned a couple very important lessons this week, and they both involved three-letter words and both paid big dividends towards my bottom line. If you incorporate these three-letter words into your daily activities, I know you'll experience the same successes I did. Give it a try.
The first word is ACT!
All the seminars, all the webinars, all the manuals, all the workbooks and all the classes are worthless unless we take what we have learned and ACT upon on them. ACT upon what's on your to-do list. ACT upon what's required to meet your daily goals. Be proACTive with your daily ACTivities.
The second word is ASK!
There is no place in business today for the shy, modest business owner. Be bold and come out ready to play. If you want the business, ASK for it. ASK for the appointment. ASK what their needs are. ASK how you can be of service. ASK for the sale. ASK for the referral. ASK your colleagues and co-workers for advice in their areas of expertise. You know you'd share yours, so ASK for theirs.
So what does this have to do with marketing?
ACTually a lot! If you're still hobbling along with no collateral materials to promote your business, take ACTion and get them. Learn how to produce an e-newsletter (we highly recommend Constant ContACT) or ask for help in creating one to keep your name in front of your clients and prospects. Post your ACTivities on your website or blog to keep your clients and prospects aware of what you're up to.
Let your marketing materials do some of the ASKing for you. In your brochure, remember to ASK people to call you. In your newsletters, ASK potential clients to visit your website. In your e-mail signature, ASK people to join you on your blog.
Using ACT and ASK, keep up with your marketing efforts and soon you'll soon be enjoying a four-letter word—SALES!!!!

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