Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who vs. That

Did you see the lady that fell off the bar stool? OR
Did you see the lady who fell off the bar stool?

Of course, the correct sentence is the second one — the lady who. Always use WHO when referring to people (even drunk and disorderly ladies WHO fall off bar stools deserve WHO.) Use THAT when referring to things.

Did you see the lady WHO fell off the bar stool THAT was broken?

Now you'll alway get WHO and THAT right, right?


Stanley said...

Now you need to talk about WHO vs WHOM ...

Stanley Bronstein

The BIKE Lady said...

They don't write great examples like this in high school text books. Too funny! I'll never think of who/that in the same way again.


Mimi Meredith said...

What?! Who fell off the bar stool?

Sorry, but Abbot and Costello could have such fun participating in this blog!

Thank you for the great tip, Vickie! I will share it with the three aspiring young writers in my house, as I can tell you, such great examples aren't part of the school English curriculum!


Annora said...

Good post.