Friday, August 8, 2008

How to stay off your book printer's **** list

We manage the printing for many self-publishing authors and help others who prefer to do it themselves. Recently one of our large-volume printers shared their Top Preflight problems. These are problems with the creative files that can delay a job, increase costs and potentially allow for an inferior product. We’d like to share these with you so if you're preparing files for your next book, you’ll know to double check these items before you send the final file to print.
Keep in mind, these are the problems, not the solutions.

• Images are RGB
• Images are missing
• Incorrect page count
• Non-printing items
• LoRes images
• Fonts are missing
• Incorrect trim size
• Gutter size inaccurate
• Not enough bleed
• Too narrow gutter

If you take care to address these 10 items, you'll have a better product and possibly even get a clean-file discount like one of our printers provides. Ask about it. Good luck!

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