Friday, November 28, 2008

A Little Tip on Back-of-the-Room Sales

This may seem obvious to many speakers who rely on back-of-the-room sales, but this little tip greatly increased my product sales for months after my presentation was complete.

Instead of putting your business cards in one little holder on the table(s) displaying your products for sale, make lots of stacks of your cards so it's easy for shoppers (potential buyers) to grab one. There are many reasons people can't purchase your products on the spot. By getting one of your cards in their purses or wallets, you have a much better chance of a sale later.

Yes, handouts or brochures given to every audience member may have your contact information, but sheer size can make them food for the trash can on the way out the door. A business card slips into a pocket or purse with ease.

Or better yet, do what we did, made business cards for my books sales (I Want You To Know Me) that are twice the size and stand up like a little tent on the table. Our products are all shown on the inside of the tent as a reminder ... voila a sales piece but it's a real keeper.

Mullins Creative has a great resource for these little 3.5 x 2 tent cards. They're on 14 pt. heavy card stock, full color on both sides, and also glossy coated on both sides so they're top quality. If interested, give us a jingle for a quote.

In the meantime, happy speaking and happy sharing your passions and products.

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