Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Business Lesson in Cancun

While on a recent vacation to Cancun I witnessed a valuable marketing lesson I will never forget and will apply it every opportunity I can. And you should too.
Here's the story. We were getting off a party boat having taken a short trip out to an island to participate in any of a number of activities. We'd decided to take a snorkel excursion, a $60 investment for my husband and I. According to the captain of the snorkel boat, all we had to do was to go into the resort lobby, pay our fee and off we'd go. When we got inside, there was no one to help us. Ten minutes passed until the snorkel boat captain reappeared, followed shortly thereafter by a representative of the hotel.
As we stood there with money in hand, we were told, the trip was running a little late, to come back in 90 minutes. We offered to pay at that time but were told, "No, just pay right before we go."
We had 90 minutes so headed off for a late breakfast. That didn't take 90 minutes so off to the pool we went to fill the time. Soon we were absorbed into a fabulous water-volleyball game with a couple dozen other hotel guests. Next time we looked at the clock, it was 20 minutes past the time the snorkel boat was to leave. We missed it, and the $60 stayed in my wallet.
Had we already invested in the excursion, there is no question that our attention would have been on the clock and not on the pool fun. Because the boat captain did not take our money when we were willing and able to pay, he never got it.
So the lesson learned was this: When at all possible, get a financial commitment ASAP. When the client is standing there with money in hand, take it, say thank you and start to work!

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